«Two Brotherless Peoples»: On the Constitutive Traumas of Class Struggle

by Akis Gavriilidis

Published in Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society (2008) 13, 143–162.




In this article, I use as a starting point a “social symptom” showing that Greek left patriots have mixed feelings towards Jews, whom they perceive as a threat but also as a model for imitation, on account of their universally accepted victim status. I consider that these feelings are linked to a specific subjectivity formation, which I term “radical nationalism” and I attribute to the specificities of 20th century Greek history: to the civil war during the 1940s, and the subsequent handling –or non handling– of the painful memories from this split in the national subject. Accordingly, in the first part I go through the genealogy of this subjectivity formation and its affective economy; but also, departing from this specific historical example, I try to draw some more general conclusions about social antagonism and the nature of the traumas in which it results–or really, in which it consists. Then, in the last part, I go back to a corpus of social discursive material –declarations, articles in newspapers, public rallies– and try to show how these illustrate my construction and in what sense they can be construed as efforts to suture the chasm of social antagonism.


Key words: nationalism; social groups; trauma; self-victimisation; enjoyment Συνέχεια

antisémitisme,Discourse,modernité,Philosophie politique

Un nazi peut-il penser?

Par Akis Gavriilidis et Juan-Domingo Sanchez

On trouve dans le numéro 4 de l’année 2007 de « Théa » un article du Directeur de la Fondation Auschwitz, M. Yannis Thanassekos, ayant pour titre Le débat autour de la réception de Carl Schmitt. Critique de la modernité: théologie politique ou retour aux «anciens »? Dans cet article, l’auteur soutient essentiellement deux thèses: a) qu’il n’est pas justifié de séparer la théorie politique de Carl Schmitt de son comportement pratique personnel, et plus particulièrement de son engagement nazi et ses prises de position Συνέχεια